The HS Student Planner
Here is a little video of my youngest daughter, Lilie, explaining how she uses her planner:

How can a Planner Revolutionize Homeschooling?

Join the thousands of homeschoolers who are enjoying homeschool freedom with

The Homeschool Student Planner

                                       Organize it all...for Keeps!

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At Last! A complete planning and organizing system designed for the homeschool student, with the parent in mind.  

                 A Versatile and Adaptable Tool for YOUR Homeschool:         

daytimerwithcheckmarks.wmf (8362 bytes) It's a daily or weekly work schedule!
portfolio.wmf (2264 bytes)It's a portfolio!
3markers.wmf (15538 bytes)It's a markerboard!
deskcalendar.wmf (5970 bytes)It's an attendance record!
yearlyfiles.wmf (4278 bytes)It's a grade keeper!
cheesecake.wmf (20700 bytes)It's a motivational tool!


    Please take a few moments to read the Theory Behind the Planner section.  
It is lengthy, but very informative, and will give you a much more detailed picture
of what the Student Planner is all about.


childyelling.wmf (22498 bytes)Parents, you may never again hear the words,                       
         "Mom, what should I do next?"



...begin your homeschooling year at any point and take breaks at any time.

This one method of planning allows for the meeting of the standard 180-day state attendance requirement while still offering total flexibility in scheduling.

                  ...keep an entire year’s worth of records all in one place. No more wondering where to put important papers, where to keep scores, how to count days of school done, or how to know what has been accomplished in the entire year start to finish!

It's all HERE!


The key to homeschooling success is organization!

The Homeschool Student Planner offers you the luxury of an all-in-one-place record             
of every assignment done by the student over the course of an entire year with space for the 
weekly tracking of books read, scores attained, and much, much more.  
week of required instructional time.  The schedules are then arranged into four 9-week
segments, or quarters.  At the very back of each planner, you will find a large slash pocket designed
for the safe-keeping of masterpieces, finished loose assignments, or whatever the student
would like to archive. 
We have also added four extra weeks of schedules for families who do more.
keys2.wmf (7162 bytes)Following each quarter's 9 weeks of work schedules is a "Score Keeper" for recording grades,
if desired, and a percentage scale for grading.  One "Yearly Averages" page is also included
On the back of each week's work schedule is a place for the student to keep track of any or all
books that have been read that week, plus a space for notes.  Additionally, at the very back
of the Planner you'll find a sheet designed for the recording of textbooks/workbooks
completed throughout the year, providing an at-a-glance record of progress.  
(For the grandparents' sake! HeeHee)  
keys2.wmf (7162 bytes)If you use an approach other than textbooks/workbooks, this Planner is also for you!  The blank
work schedules lend themselves to any type of teaching style!
     With space for the recording of daily assignments by parent or student, 
envelopes designed to keep track of miscellaneous items, plus numerous other special pages,
The Homeschool Student Planner is all that your STUDENT 
 needs to get organized...and stay that way!  

Now c
an you see why The Homeschool STUDENT Planner is the
                  #1 Selling Planner in it
s class?

   Absolutely Guaranteed to be FIRST AID for your Homeschool!

Why is this called a STUDENT Planner?
     I'm glad you asked!  This Planner is specifically and uniquely designed to be used by the student 
himself to record lessons completed, or to (gasp!) make up his or her own work schedule for the day,
week, or for whatever time period you'd like.
It is a fact that the more involved students are in the planning and execution of their daily work,
the greater their academic motivation and success.

Please take a few moments to read the
Theory Behind the Planner section.
It is lengthy, but very informative, and will give you a much more detailed picture
of what the Student Planner is all about.

Want to See More?

Available in Flora, Fauna, Space, Sports, Landscape, and Music Editions

which contain per-page-graphics matching each theme.


floracover3.gif(233142 bytes) faunafront.gif (364231bytes) spacefront.gif (284767 bytes) sportsfront.gif(366528 bytes)

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Note: We have updated the covers of the Music and Landscape Editions. Pics to come soon!
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Our Guarantee:

The Homeschool STUDENT Planner and The Essential Highschool STUDENT Planner

          come with a money-back guarantee!

   We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase or your money will be cheerfully refunded! We understand that you don't know what you are getting until you actually receive it.

We want you to be able to order with confidence! If after examining your order you decide The Homeschool Student Planner or The Essential High School Planner is not exactly what you have been dreaming of, we will pay for the order to be shipped back to us as well as refund your purchase price including the original shipping!

That's how confident we are that you will be very, very, very happy with your purchase!

For additional Guarantee and important Shipping Instructions, please see FAQ Tab. (Don't worry! No catches!)

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